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Rednet GO Rednet GO is Rednet designed for wireless pocket phones. Now you can look at cat pics on the go! 1.0.0 (R) Pocket FlamerGamer1234 0c9f085f 3
Chatkeyboard Use the Chat as Keyboard! 1.1.0 (R) Command Wilma456 a167277e 0
Settingsmanager Change the Settings of CraftOS 1.0.0 (R) Program Wilma456 f9c306bf 0
Mynaptic Mynaptic is a GUI for Packman. It allows you to easy install Programs. Help included. Note: This is just a installer. 8.1.0 (R) Program Wilma456 c91ea3f5 1
Port Scanner Has the ability to scan through all modem ports and log traffic 5.7.2 (R) Turtle roger109z 5062dbbe 2
Pong The classic game, pong. 1.0.0 (R) Game lol 77cb9209 56
Pixels it fills your screen with random colors! 1.0.0 (R) Fun roger109z ae5a3be4 48
LDDFM (file manager api) An API that gives you a whole file manager GUI to pick files! Just do [local path = makeMenu()] and itll start a file browser! 1.0.0 (R) API EldidiStroyrr 475e869e 20
Speakbot A app where you cant communicatee via typing! You need to have MorePeripherals installed! 1.0.0 (R) Bots thegiantredpanda b65239b3 25
WorldEdit Rednet Companion Control your command computer from WorldEdit remotely using this on a wireless pocket computer. Just put an Ender Modem on your command computer, run WE_Core on it, and run this on your pocket computer! 1.5.1 (R) Command moomoomoo309 0a86eab5 5
CCBH - ComputerCraft Bios Helper It is a fully customizable BIOS experience that can be added to your OSs 1.3.1 (R) Utility Checco2212 01b97bfc 42
ChartsAPI It is an API created to help you adding charts inside your programs or OSs 1.1.0 (R) API Checco2212 f7a3d124 4
DiscoverApp Beta version of the new Discover App. 7.3.0 (R) Program dannysmc95 9daca699 3
Cobalt - a callback wrapper for ComputerCraft Make programming in ComputerCraft like Love2D! This file is the installer. To get a beta version of the software, type beta (no quotes) as a file argument (i.e., installer beta) 1.0.0 (B) Utility computech f4c10635 14
Classic Pretty OOP in CC. 1.0.5 (R) API Kouksi44 03bef80f 13
fURL Download http content, east as never. 1.0.0 (R) Utility thecrimulo 0aaf58e6 11
FileViewer A GUI file exporer/viewer program. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Xelostar d061fa86 41
Position API Position is an API for working with coordinates and other APIs that require them, like ChartsAPI. 1.0.0 (R) API thecrimulo 86be23e9 4
PAW Paw is a clone of cat on CC. Line indicator and indentation support. 1.0.0 (R) API thecrimulo 744f56e5 4
Stitch - Massive Monitors The basic idea is to create a large monitor out of multiple smaller ones. 1.0.0 (R) API KingofGamesYami 95006bff 19
DoorOS3.0 Installer A WIP OS with multitasking, software manager, etc. Please download this installer, run it and delete it afterwards. NOTE: To exit a running app, press the delete key. 3.0.0 (R) OS Piorjade c48c3f2c 55
Rednet Wiretap A simple Wiretapping script. Sorry, pythons more of my thing, apologies if it sucks. 1.0.0 (R) Program Mumbai e672dea9 4
Zippy Here's my take on an archive format for ComputerCraft. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Shefla e7cec2f3 25
Grin-Get It's a lightweight interface to downloading releases from GitHub. Grin is nice because it lets developers create complex projects without worrying about complex installation processes for users. 1.0.0 (R) Utility ElvishJerricco 9b5527a1 11
Raycaster Demo A demo for my raycaster api. You need the api, obviously. To use it you need to make a map in paint and save as 'demoMap'. 1.0.0 (R) Program Lignum 76a47794 10
Mirror Installer - NPaintPro An installer for NitrogenFinger's NPaintPro application. This installer contains no external code, only a pastebin installer script. 1.0.0 (R) Program cyanisaac 62d3a28b 20
WorldEdit Implements most of the functionality of sk89qs WorldEdit in ComputerCraft using a Command Computer and optionally an Ender Modem or Chat Box of some sort. 1.5.1 (R) Command moomoomoo309 36c890db 43
Tiles Don't touch the white tiles. 1.2.0 (R) Game Detective_Smith 3983d9f3 20
CloudChat Client Client to connect to CloudChat Servers 1.0.0 (R) Program HolyCloudNinja 13591fa0 28
CloudChat Server Centralized Chat Server For CloudChat 1.0.0 (R) Program HolyCloudNinja 00c67755 19
Speadersheet You can make speadersheet with this app 1.3.0 (R) Program Green ef2873de 6
Basic File Explorer A simple file explorer. 1.3.0 (R) Program pilotofsomething 729bfac6 27
Circle animation A cool animation of rainbow concentric circles. Trippy, maaaaan. 1.0.0 (R) Fun EldidiStroyrr c8d8eb49 37
FServ Shell Controller for FServ Server 1.1.2 (R) Utility Waitdev 9936b91f 6
FServ Server File server in CC with command line 1.1.2 (R) Utility Waitdev 9e675927 7
SimpleStripmine Just stripmining 1.0.0 (R) Turtle Wilma456 2e22f46b 5
CobblestoneGenerator This Program just dig the Block under a Turtle. 1.0.0 (R) Turtle Wilma456 b3420b94 9
Number This App print Numbers in a random colour. You can run it on a monitor. 1.0.0 (R) Fun Wilma456 3ddf5248 16
Usermanager Login with multi user 1.0.0 (R) Program Wilma456 4da5c28d 9
Pipe Mania Click around the playing area to place pipes from the dispencer on the left. Once the timer on the right empties, the flooz starts to flow, run it through the pipe for at least the specified disance in order to reach the next level! Needs CC1.76+ and and advanced computer! 1.0.0 (R) Game BombBloke 9a01b5da 15
STD-GUI A graphical interface for my Super Text Downloader. Pulls programs from a pastebin repository, smooth scrolls, advanced only. 1.1 Utility EldidiStroyrr d737ca34 10
Bundu (Reboot) NO LONGER ANONOS A reboot of Bundu by Redall. He has discontinued the project, I picked it up, and rebooted it. USERNAME : MumbaiHHS on CC. PM for any upgrades you wish for 1.0.0 (R) OS Anonymous 6d33b97c 20
Bread A little program that redirects terminal output of a program through blittle. 1.0.0 (R) Utility EldidiStroyrr 1100fcbe 6
Roflcopter A funny animation of a roflcopter. 1.0.0 (R) Fun EldidiStroyrr 4f4349cf 33
Whisk An encrypted file/folder transfer program. Has both a CLI and a GUI. And in case youre wondering, it DOES detect if a file will overwrite another. 1.1.0 (R) Utility EldidiStroyrr 9fca9363 4
Ports (modem manager) A network utility that returns all open modem channels, opens/closes modem channels, locks all modem communication (just in case), and can send/receive basic modem traffic. 1.2.0 (R) Utility EldidiStroyrr a9a4cfd2 17
Enchat v2.2 A decentralized, AES-encrypted chat program with colorcode support, as well as various commands. 2.2 Program EldidiStroyrr 502e45e0 15
less (Unix command) The less unix command which views the contents of a file. Displays line numbers, and can horizontally scroll. Can jump to line number, and use HOME/END/PGUP/PGDOWN keys as well. 1.0.0 (R) Utility EldidiStroyrr 8cf192de 7
PasteCCan (abbreviated pcan) A neat little program that allows you to add/remove/download from your pastebin account. 1.0.0 (R) Utility EldidiStroyrr 81b704e8 2
Breakout!! A clone of the Atari Breakout game. For what it is, its not buggy. 1.0.0 (R) Game EldidiStroyrr dc5ee0e3 55
QuickDraw A game where you put the mouse on the bottom-right part of the screen, then quickly let it go on a guy before he shoots you dead. 1.1.0 (R) Game EldidiStroyrr e5cdc232 9
PAIN paint program A paint program that supports a plethora of formats (NFP, NFT, BLT, UCG, GIF), has an infinite scrolling canvas, block character support, and an undo buffer. Its my best program. 1.1 Program EldidiStroyrr 23503b44 6
Sinelock A SHA256 hashed door/computer lock for normal/advanced computers. Renders a breautiful sinewave animation while you enter in your key. Has tons of config options, too. 1.0.0 (A) Utility EldidiStroyrr 901faf57 11
Banner Editor A 1.8 minecraft banner editor allowing you to create your own banners. 1.0.0 (R) Command BombBloke ad11a29f 11
VimCC This is an attempt at a Vim port for CC. 1.0.0 (R) Utility HugoNikanor 241962b9 3
Rednet Sniffer What do I have to say? The name says it all! it prints all messages to your screen! use with the args monitor to print to a monitor to the RIGHT! 1.1.0 (R) Utility roger109z 543d2deb 13
UDo A todo list for your pocket device. 1.0.0 (R) Pocket Zambonie 8246594d 9
2048 Quick clone of the infamous 2048 game for pocket computers. 1.0.0 (R) Game rich73 9ed58e64 64
CrateAPI Summon chests with items! 1.0.0 (R) API ItsRodrick d2e0c42a 4
SafeGuard Sets anyone in range that isnt on whitelist in adventure mode. 1.0.0 (R) Command AgentSilence 4cbc41c0 2
GIF API A GIF decoder (and encoder). 1.0.0 (R) API BombBloke 56aa01ca 5
TKO Top level coroutine override. 1.0.0 (R) Utility HolyCloudNinja ef00a394 5
Super Text Downloader A pastebin-clone file downloader that can access pastebin, hastebin, pastie, codepad, ideone, gist, and more. Only CLI. Can also access its own repository of store programs. 1.4.2 (R) Utility EldidiStroyrr faab986e 6
App Runner App runner can be used in an opperating system that has a visual menu that dosent let you run what you want 0.0.1 (A) Utility Jumpybug214 87d2f9da 17
KeyPad Protect your doors! (to install just run --instalar 1.5.2 (B) Utility CaelKohler b0783b46 18
Install O Installs the latest version of o on your computer. 1.0.0 (R) OS ProjectB eb7f0d2d 21
OpenPeripheral Documentation Browser a useful utility that lets you browse the documentation for openperipheral-supported peripherals with gui 1.0.0 (R) Utility apemanzilla 40effaf0 14
GPS Minimap GPS-based pocket computer/turtle minimap. well polished gui. 1.3.9 (R) Pocket EldidiStroyrr 92017292 56
Rednet Toolkit Private (No Description) 0.1.0 (A) API oxygencraft 9f01c51c 8
Stratego Stratego is a game where two armies of equal size fight. 2.1.0 (R) Game KnightMiner 1e14ec34 7
Lockette Lockette is a simple computer locking program i made ages ago. 1.0.0 (R) Utility wojbie f763e63d 6
OurChat Imagine a world where people can talk in the minecraft chat, and have everyone on every world can hear them? 1.0.0 (R) Utility Lightning fa226e33 16
Bank System Alpha Builds This program has a Client and a Server which allows users to create a Bank System. Alpha versions. 1.2.0 (A) Program luaCoder 47d84ebf 10
Bank System V1.2 This program has a Client and a Server which allows users to create a Bank System. 1.2.0 (R) Program luaCoder 70d6b1dd 57
Ports This program is designed to be able to turn on/off modem channels on a computer. 1.0.5 (R) Utility LDDestroier 70f5cd53 4
Stack trace for CC Can stacktrace programs. 1.0.0 (R) Utility LBPHacker caa7d3c8 1
Googol Searches the CC forums, CC wiki, firewolf sites, googol accounts and thunderbird accounts. 1.0.0 (R) Program Imgoodisher 9d8acd56 72
Battleship Nice simple designed battleship FOR ADVANCED COMPUTERS! Play with others using wired or wireless modems 1.0.0 (R) Game nateg2 29fbc4d8 38
Simple Mail Client Mail client that works on all computers including basic and pocket! PS This is an instaler 1.0.0 (R) Utility nateg2 b1b78926 10
Simple Mail Server BTW THIS IS AN INSTALLER. for use with rednet 1.0.0 (R) Utility nateg2 cff8e1b0 6
Remote Screens remote screens is a program that will work behind the scenes to allow you to Share your screen with other users. note: this still is in an early version and does have bugs! 1.0.1 (B) Program Twijn e2f00bb3 23
Netutil Installer Allows spoofing + sniffing of rednet 1.0.0 (B) Utility HolyCloudNinja 5a9f4032 7
Bitmap API/Program Load, view, and convert Windows Bitmap files. It is an API as well as a Command Line application. 1.0.0 (R) API Super Bundt 3f74e000 3
Bitmap API Load, view, and convert Windows Bitmap files. It is an API as well as a Command Line application. 1.0.0 (R) API Super Bundt 4aea3788 2
API World Download APIs on to your computer. 1.0.0 (R) API Super Bundt a3856fee 17
Enhanced Edit Program This script enhances the edit script. 1.0.1 (R) Program Super Bundt c57e6578 8
SecurByte v2.1 Password Protection System (now with recovery options) for all computers. 2.1.0 (R) Program Draku cff7e770 20
Hello An endless Hello loop. 1.0.0 (R) Utility TheSpikyMinerz 28fbfcd4 19
Location Finds and displays your location or the server location. 1.1.1 (R) Utility TheSpikyMinerz 0190acda 12
Strafe Strafe is a Steam-like game distribution program where you can download and play games easily. 1.0.0 (R) Utility CrazedProgrammer e92352a5 16
qMedia - manage your monitors ! Manage your monitors like powerpoint, essential to cover the world of your ads! 1.0.1 (R) Program _Dedale_ 8468dfa1 36
CCWin CCWin is an in-development operating system with an extendable GUI subsystem which supports multitasking and many other features. 0.9.0 (B) OS puzzletime 220b1ab4 43
KOS Or KOS for short, is a basic, lightweight, high security operating system for advanced handheld PCs. 1.6.0 (R) OS Kizz 0b1e9621 15
Nsh A computer controller, see the results. 1.0.0 (R) Program Lyqyd a265c2b3 9
FrameBuffer A frame buffer for ComputerCraft. 1.0.0 (R) API Lyqyd ac4bf052 9
vncd A nsh compatible VNC server. Control other computers and see the results from your computer. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Lyqyd 5219aa96 9
LightShot Lightshot is a screen recording program that allows you to capture a video of your screen, and store it in a single file. It inc 1.5.0 (R) Program GravityScore 2446f4f0 10
WirelessControl An advanced wireless controller. 1.0.0 (R) Utility unobtanium 191ad4c1 19
UPaint A paint program, first attempt. 0.9.9 (B) Program LightMystic c1b9993e 15
Item Ship (Discontinued) This program is no longer in development. 0.0.0 (A) Program michty a24db93d 24
MakePack Makeself in lua 1.0.0 (R) Utility MindenCucc 0e3d1c84 2
OpenP Glasses Client A client for the OpenPeripheral glasses. 0.5.2 (B) Utility unobtanium e348ae7a 10
Video Player Watch videos in ComputerCraft. 1.0.0 (R) Utility CrazedProgrammer acf41c5e 87
Logger A treecutter program for 1 wide trees. 1.0.0 (R) Turtle TheSpikyMinerz 8ec8aa01 8
Automatic Tree Farm Automatic Free Farm. Operates both with and without bonemeal. Includes refuel program and installation guide. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please share them in the comments. 1.0.0 (A) Turtle michty 93fb5a2b 17
tde-desktop 3.4 alpha 1 (timaOS) A part of timaOS 3.4.1 (A) OS tima_gt 47b32e11 15
CPack Stores Multiple Files Inside Of One Self-extracting File. The Size Of The Files Does Not Decrees 0.1.0 (B) Utility je06 538664d3 4
CZip Stores Multiple Files In One Self-extracting File 0.0.1 (A) Utility je06 65481160 11
Distance Field Raymarching Today I wrote some code that can render distance fields in ComputerCraft. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Yevano b4bdcbf2 2
Building Game Build and play in the infinite world out there. 1.0.0 (A) Game Super Bundt cf816191 34
Calculator A dead simple WIP calculator. 0.0.7 (A) Utility Thegreatball 32733daf 24
SecNet A simple API that attempts at a more secure Rednet. 1.0.0 (R) API Microwarrior e6d18fd7 9
Keyboard Script Use this script to type in characters on the keyboard. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Super Bundt fb88c9a7 4
BioPup An addon for the ccDHD and GateLiasion programs that allows you to use biolocks within your stargate programs. Part of the ccDHD and GateLiasion programs. (SGCraft or LanteaCraft). 2.0.0 (R) Program HydrantHunter eb7783b6 1
DiscoveryDialer Attempts to find stargates in all dimensions by constantly searching and iterating through addresses. Part of the ccDHD and GateLiasion programs. (SGCraft or LanteaCraft). 2.0.0 (R) Utility HydrantHunter bed37a92 4
GateBuddy A low level program that only really allows dialling and no full access to a stargate. Part of the ccDHD and GateLiasion programs. (SGCraft or LanteaCraft). 2.0.0 (R) Utility HydrantHunter 2e59c1b8 4
GateLiasion A program that controls a stargate and then ccDHD and ccDialer will interact with this and allow you to dial etc, all wirelessly. Part of the ccDHD and GateLiasion programs. (SGCraft or LanteaCraft). 2.0.0 (R) Utility HydrantHunter 927f78bb 14
ccDialer ccDialer is a portable version of ccDHD with some limitations. ccDialer does not provide iris control, but it can wirelessly dial/end calls and features full address book management ability. Part of the ccDHD and GateLiasion programs. (SGCraft or LanteaCraft). 2.0.0 (R) Program HydrantHunter aff8aa08 7
ccDHD A main user interface that (REQUIRES) GateLiason to function, this is a part of SGCraft/LanteaCraft Stargate control programs. This takes full control and gives you access to lock down and other stargate functionality. (SGCraft or LanteaCraft). 2.0.0 (R) Program HydrantHunter 51b32d09 11
Stargate Controller This is a controller for the Stargates in SGCraft. Please note connect this to a monitor of 4x3 size, and then connect the stargate up, use the config part at the top to set up. 1.0.0 (R) Program thatParadox 73d3a2aa 17
Rednet Installs the RedNet API. 1.0.0 (R) Program Super Bundt 6af7baa1 22
Tail for ComputerCraft A clone of tail for Linux. Used to display the tail end of a file. 0.1.0 (R) Utility kornichen 07a42307 3
FlowOffice Table A spreadsheet application for ComputerCraft. 0.1.0 (B) Program kornichen 83f6c68e 12
ComputerCraft Commander A norton commander styled two-columned file manager for ComputerCraft. 0.1.0 (B) Program kornichen 4bbacb3f 6
Firewolf Browser Simple clean rednet browser. Credit to GravityScore. 2.5.0 (R) Program nateg2 5b0fa0ba 41
Installer Maker A simple GUI-Based installer making program. Useful for when the program you are making the installer for has multiple files. 1.1.1 (R) Utility SGunner2014 25a6c38b 23
Lightweight GUI File Browser A simple, lightweight file browser. It is designed to be as beautiful and easy to use as possible. 0.1.1 (B) Program SGunner2014 cab333e6 16
Social Net Client You can use this to send and recieve messages online! If this errors when signing in then comment out the return line for the GetFriends function. 1.0.1 (R) Program Super Bundt ead5ce4f 21
Nova Horizon The graphical, user friendly alternative to Craft OS 1.2.0 (R) OS awsumben13 964d7d24 24
KreOS Skylark This is KreOS 3.0 Skylark. It is the next version of KreOS. It is innovative and stylish but yet traditional. 3.0.0 (R) OS kornichen fbb0498f 21
JakeOS JakeOS is my own personal operating system that i created to help people use and learn lua. it is also supposed to be as user friendly as possible. if you would like me to add anything please comment it. 2.1.0 (R) OS jakejakey c48c31a7 29
Programming Utils This is an extensive api with everything including IP locating, Irl time zones and dates, and draw, db, col, and encryption! 4.3.1 (R) API dannysmc95 367ca836 12
Raycaster An api for doing 3D graphics. 1.0.0 (R) API Lignum 3cf336bd 4
ccLightSim A light simulator. 1.2.0 (R) Program Lignum 539b21eb 4
Exceptional Exceptions for ComputerCraft 1.0.1 (R) API Lignum 9798623a 4
Whistler Messages Send, Reply, and Download messages. 1.1.1 (R) Program Super Bundt 65eaf899 28
Whistler Message Server Hosts the Whistler Message Server. 1.0.0 (R) Program Super Bundt 08adc97d 19
Lua Script System Lua Script System is an operation system that can run applications. This is an installer that installs LSS for you. 1.0.0 (R) OS Super Bundt e1c9633b 14
MMTP Minecraft Mail Transfer Protocol. 1.0.0 (R) Utility RoD a58af72f 3
EAS Decoder Allows you to receive EAS requests. 1.0.4 (R) Utility minebuild3543 9625e637 5
EAS Server Allows you to send EAS requests to decoders. 1.1.0 (R) Utility minebuild3543 9a568b45 8
Wiper A simple computer wiper to clean your computer. 0.5.1 (A) Utility Thegreatball 99c708ff 10
FlappyPixel FlappyPixel is, as you may have guessed, an implementation for ComputerCraft of the popuplar FlappyBird game. 1.0.0 (R) Game Creator 69c3e81c 63
PSChat Reloaded Chat over the interwebs in CC. 1.0.0 (R) Program minizbot2012 39ee3151 13
PSRedhttp This simple program acts as a repeater between rednet and the interwebs and back. 1.0.0 (R) Utility minizbot2012 af99ef06 4
Chatty Chatty is a chat program that runs on network cables. 1.0.0 (R) Program Mackan90096 c336764c 25
Quest Wifi Server Basically it allows you to easily host your own static web pages with your own domain. 1.0.0 (R) Utility oeed dcbc100d 17
Quest Client TL;DR: This is a super-mega-awesome HTML based web browser to surf the interwebs... in ComputerCraft. 1.0.0 (R) Program oeed 625b9587 40
xPlore File Manager This is a beautifully designed file manager, supporting all functions like, copy, move etc, also includes advanced file search and animations. 1.0.0 (R) Program dannysmc95 6d861003 33
Pause This short script will pause whatever you tell it to run with F1, and resume with any key. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Geforce Fan c75c140e 6
WYSIwrite WYSIwrite is a text editor for computercraft specifically designed for writing documents that will be printed out 1.0.0 (R) Program nitrogenfingers b97a3c61 4
uLock Not updated anymore, very old and worked for CC 1.73 at the time. 1.0.1 (R) Utility dannysmc95 39065691 10
CC Tar Create and upack real tar files in computercraft 1.0.0 (R) Utility columna1 924d72eb 4
Edit+ Enhanced editor (non-qwerty-ready) 1.1.0 (R) Utility GopherAtl b8ba34ac 42
NeuralNet Artificial Intelligence in ComputerCraft! 1.0.0 (R) Utility Creator e76d6b16 14
SmartPaste Lite Your solution to managing your Pastebin list while you are logged into Minecraft. 1.0.0 (R) Utility Cranium 671cf2bd 4
Read Function Snippet This is my very buggy version of a read function. 0.9.4 (B) API dannysmc95 d07a517b 2
Craft Compress This program allows you to turn a directory into a single file (and back again) 1.0.0 (R) Utility HPWebcamAble 6f67c316 2
Crate API I thought of spawning a Chest as a Falling Sand from the sky. But NBT tags are a bit hard, so I made this utility to help us with that. 1.0.0 (R) API RodrickLord b4ac9490 8
Nevardon IDE A Lua code editor with syntax highlighting, error checking, text selection (cut/copy/paste/delete) chunks of text. 0.3.1 (A) Utility Quintuple Agent 07e75e6f 7
Krist - Minable currency Krist is a currency that operates across servers (and in singleplayer). 1.0.0 (R) Utility cossacksson c2119a5c 121
NoColor A color terminal emulator for non-colored computers 1.5.3 (R) Program Atenefyr 4df6e489 4
FileX Powerful file explorer with GUI 1.0.0 (R) Program Creator a51a9e2a 34
Meta 1.65 String Metatable Exploit for CC 1.65 2.0.0 (R) Program MysteriousHaxor 672b06d4 8
Extended Shell Extended Shell if extension/modification of standard ComputerCraft Shell. 3.0.0 (R) Utility wojbie ab5ef46e 8
LuaIDE You might actually like in-game editing. 1.0.0 (R) Program GravityScore 57dfb6cd 32
IRC Monitor Allows you to see whats happening on irc chat from any computer in minecraft 1.0.0 (R) Program wojbie 2e3efc30 13
Swarm Miner Swarm Miner is a simple Swarm Turtle Quarry system that mines out area defined by you by dividing it into smaller sectors and mining them one after another. 2.0.0 (R) Turtle wojbie 29693aed 7
Miniaturecraft Minecraft for ComputerCraft. 1.2.0 (R) Game Detective_Smith d4920950 72
OneOS I present you the 21 27 (thanks to Bedrock only 19 now) thousand plus line monstrosity that is OneOS. 1.3.0 (R) OS oeed d0f09d11 105
3D Map A 3D map creator using the turtle. 1.0.0 (R) Turtle TurtleHunter 16ddb234 47
JVML-JIT Java in Lua. 1.0.0 (R) Program ElvishJerricco b68a8324 8
Ink A word editor for ComputerCraft, like MS Word. 1.0.0 (R) Program oeed 354a91f3 32
Sketch A photoshop inspired drawing program for ComputerCraft. 1.0.0 (R) Utility oeed 82673a3a 28
Night Fall A tower defense based game. 1.0.0 (R) Game awsumben13 72fd2750 37
Bedrock Bedrock is an extremely advanced and powerful framework for developing beautiful, easy to use ComputerCraft programs. 1.0.0 (R) API oeed 01306fa4 28
Verinian DE A pretty touch based operating system. 3.0.1 (R) OS dannysmc95 248b0550 32
Touch Keyboard A beta version of a on-screen touch based keyboard. 0.6.4 (B) Program dannysmc95 d1c60fa8 56
Fusion This is a design based OS, where you can see the colour schemes and ideas I have added to make this as nice and beautiful looking as possible. This has been fixed to work on the new API I use now, but is very buggy. 1.0.8 (R) OS dannysmc95 831333fb 101
File Finder Basic file finder program, not updated anymore. 1.0.1 (R) Utility dannysmc95 1d7a2f90 47
Missile Canyon A bit of a proof on concept, but use the left mouse to fire a missile. 1.0.0 (R) Game Jiloacom 308397fc 18