Unofficial Programs & API's Unofficial programs/apis that use the Discover Network.

What defines an official application?

Discover Network is for everyone to use in their programs, but we define two categories of programs, which are official and unofficial, both of these are quite different. An official program is something that is registered here and also is "trusted" which means you can feel safe using it, unofficial programs are not untrusted but we have not seen the code so therefore, we do not know the outcome of using it. To go official look at the certifications drop down in the navigation, here you can choose what you need to do to become official.

Why should I go official?

You don't have to! I want people to know we don't mind having applications that aren't official or certified by us, BUT we recommend using official programs because we have a general understanding, so with this, you can go official, have your updates pulled through to our website, and also have download links to your program.

Unofficial Program Details

Name Type Link Version Status
None available