Jobs Voluntary positions!

What type of jobs do we offer?

Discover Network is always looking for developers to join the cause with a variety of skills that we can utilise to help make the network bigger and better. All jobs are voluntary and not paid, (as I myself do not get paid for it), and they are based on just developing for fun. Having a great team is always good and we want a team that is friendly but are good with developing!

Available Voluntary Positions

Job Title Job Description Skills Needed Status
Lua Developer The job of the lua developer is to work on the ComputerCraft integrations for the network, this is adding new functionality and of course making it better! Lua, ComputerCraft, HTTP Open (4 available)
Web Developer This job role includes working on this site, building interactive applications for users to manage their account and their footprint inside of Discover Network. MySQL, MySQLi/PDO, PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.JS (Optional) Open (2 available)
Java Developer This job is actually for working on plugins/mods for Minecraft to help with server management through the Discover Network, where you can run/manage and control your server using our plugins. Java, Forge Modloader, Bukkit, Sponge, BungeeCord Open (1 available)