About About Discover Network!

Discover Network

Discover Network is a collection of libraries/APIs that give functionality to your programs. The main basis for this is ComputerCraft but are slowly expanding to other languages/programs. If you have an idea please feel free to contact me, also if you wish to help develop for the network then again please give me a message as we are recruiting for new roles, please look at the recruitment section for more information.

App Store

The App Store, is a powerful API set in the Discover API, that adds the ability for users to add apps to the store, which can then be downloaded by anyone. All downloads are also counted to get a count of all downloads. You can also edit, update, and comment on apps. We do also support a lot of meta data for each app including, name, description, version, update_version, publish status, version, and category.

User Database

The user database is a base collection of function to manage users within the Discover API itself but can also be implemented for other things as well; including OS logins, application logins, verification and more. Logins are done via authentication keys which then get sent over each request, these are valid for 24 hours at a time, and after will expire.

Cloud Storage

The Cloud Storage system is a huge in-beta feature for the DiscoverAPI, which gives users the power to additionally store files onto the Cloud, this will soon have more features, but for the moment you can upload, download, delete and rename on the cloud.

Snippet Storage

Storage for all things don't fit in the app store. If you have a small snippet and want to share it with everyone then you can upload code snippets for anyone else to download, or if you want you can just upload them as private and keep them private, just for you.

Mail System

The mail system is a internal messaging system, allowing you to send emails to other users which can be for general conversation or more, and it even allows you to attach a single file as well; do note this is also a beta feature and will soon go through changes to give it support for more mailings control; as well as a global API in JS, as well so other users can link the mail system with their own site.


The newsfeed is fairly basic, it allows you to create posts, and view all posts and actually scroll through a newsfeed; this is fairly new, but I have a lot of updates including the possibity of having a markup language (like markdown) for formatting posts better.


The reason I added profiles is sometimes you want to create a profile to show yourself. The profile gets all of your app statistics, downloads, uploads etc, and then gets some custom information you are asked for when you create one, and also gets your last 5 newsfeed posts and puts it into one view.